Print Your NFT

Want to bring your NFTs into the physical world? Ready to slap your NFTs around the city? Want to decorate your items with stickers? Do you own or work for an NFT project and want to reward holders with a physical item?

Print Your NFT

About Stickerz

Who We Are


STICKERZ Studio is a print shop specializing in vinyl sticker prints. With years of experience in crypto and stickerz, we decided to bridge the gap.

It's time to start printing some NFTs.


We decided to launch an NFT to allow holders a discount on vinyl sticker prints.

While we hope to print some NFTs, this discount works on all orders off our website.

In the future, we hope to add additional benefits to STICKERZ NFT holders.

The STICKERZ Roadmap

While most investors look to make their investments off a well constructed roadmap, we understand that in the startup world, things change and you must adapt.

Our north star shall remain the same, to print NFT stickers for customers worldwide.

But, how we get their, what happens inbetween, and what the community decides, will influence our progression over time.

Stay connected for the latest updates.

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